found my reasons
So i guess it ends here. We'll go our separate ways and hope that we'll see each other somewhere in the future.
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girls who pretend to act stupid because they think it’s cute need to be slapped in the face with a brick

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José Parlá, In Medias Res, now at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery.

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Sometimes recovery is waking up early to write in coffee shops and practicing yoga and eating lots of fruit and chocolate and sometimes it’s staying in bed all day and hiding from the world until you can stop crying. All of this is ok. What’s important is that you take care of yourself no matter what kind of day you’re having.

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road session 15 (x).

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how I wear art is none of your business

"The difference between people with tattoos and people without tattoos is that people with tattoos don’t give a shit if you don’t have any."

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